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Rhododendron Simsii

Rhododendron Simsii Pot: Default Plastic Pot Height: 30-40cm

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Rhododendron Simsii


Rhododendron Simsii, commonly known as Azaleas are those beautiful, multicolored joys of spring, those bright spots in the grocery store or garden nursery when everything else is winter gray. Azaleas as houseplants do best at cooler temperatures, ideally around 60-65 F. (16-18 C.). Cooler temperatures will also help the blooms last longer.

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Rhododendron simsii is a rhododendron species native to East Asia, where it grows at altitudes of 500–2,700 m.

Plant Care:

Watering: Pour 2 cups or 500ml once every week only when the soil begins to dry out. Water in the early morning or late evening when temperatures are cooler.

Light: Bright indoor light or indirect sun. 6 hours to 8 hours

Temperature:18°C to 25°C

Fertilizer: NPK Fertilizer Tabs or Baby Bio Plant Food or Fast Green Fertilizer


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Pot Default Plastic Pot
Height 30-40cm

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