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Jasminum Polyanthum | Pink Jasmine Vine

Jasminum Polyanthum | Pink Jasmine Vine Pot: Default Plastic Pot Height: 30-40cm

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Jasminum Polyanthum | Pink Jasmine Vine

Whether grown outside or indoors all Jasmine require bright light with some direct sun if possible, therefore a South facing window will be the perfect spot to grow your plant in..

While it's in flower and is in active growth a Jasmine will need plenty of water. The soil needs to be moist almost all the time, and this is imperative whilst in flower. If the soil dries up then so will the flowers and pending buds. With that said do be careful with the interpretation of the word "moist", soggy conditions or sitting in a tray of water is classed as "wet" not "moist".

Misting the leaves (not the flowers) occasionally is beneficial, but no real harm will come if you don't unless the room you have chosen for it is very dry.

A moderate fertilizing routine is all that's required as it's not overly demanding when it comes to feeding. For good all round health try providing a standard house plant liquid feed every couple of weeks from late Spring until late Autumn / Fall.

Temperature is important for Jasmine plants. During the growing seasons (the naturally warmer months of the year) what nature provides will be fine. So if it's a hot day and temperatures rise, it will accommodate this without issue.

However in Winter a cool temperature must be provided, this may prove a problem because often you buy it in bud during the cold months of the year as this is when J. polyanthum tends to flower. The natural inclination with a scented flowering plant is to have it near you in your warm living areas. Resist this if you can and place it in a cooler spot, perhaps in a bathroom or unheated hallway the scent will last far longer if you do.

If you can't resist the heady scent (and who could blame you really!), once flowering is over, move to the cooler room immediately. In any event not lower than 5°C / 41°F.

An out of control Jasmine is not a pretty sight. Constantly repotting into bigger pots will encourage growth, so you only normally repot when the roots have completely filled the pot. The ideal time to do this is in Spring or Summer however avoid doing it whilst there are buds forming. A well draining standard compost mix is the most suitable.

Because cuttings reach maturity so quickly they can flower exceptionally fast when compared to some plants like the Bird of Paradise. Taking Jasmine cuttings to increase your stock or to give them away means propagation is often quite practical and worthwhile.

Take cuttings of Jasmine about 7.5cm / 3in long from newish side shoots. They should then be placed in a potting mix made up of moist compost with some grit, sand or vermiculite to keep the mixture "open" thereby reducing the chances of rot taking hold.

Cover the pot in a clear plastic bag, you must make sure the plastic and the other cuttings don't touch one other if you have put multiple cuttings in one pot. So you might want to use sticks of some sort to create a "tent" effect to hold the plastic up and away from the cuttings and soil.

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Pot Default Plastic Pot
Height 20-40cm

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