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Calathea, Peacock Plant or Zebra Plant نبات زيبر ا

Calathea, Peacock Plant or Zebra Plant نبات زيبر ا Pot: Default Plastic Pot Height: 35-50cm

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Calathea, Peacock Plant or Zebra Plant نبات زيبر ا

The award-winning basket marante that attracts everyone’s attention. Really all. This Brazilian leaf beauty causes a stir and is also extremely fond of animals. And in addition: it cleans the air.

Product Information:
With this non-toxic beauty, you are guaranteed to get a real eye-catcher into the apartment. And it doesn’t matter if there is still a house cat living there, because basket marants are non-toxic. By the way, Maranta was awarded the Garden Merit Award of the Royal Horticultural Society.

Plant Care:
With basket Maranta, make sure to spray the leaf stems regularly. The roots must also always be slightly damp. It is best to always let the upper layer of the soil to dry between watering and immerse the pot once, drain the excess water for a few minutes.

Plant Placement:
As it should be for a tropical beauty that actually grows under a dense canopy, this plant also needs a bright, but preferably not directly sunlight. With that you will make these plants really happy.

Our plants are always supplied with nursery pot. Please note, therefore, that the size specifications always refer to the height of the plant including the plant pot. Deviations of a few centimeters cannot always be ruled out as you are buying a natural living product. The height depends on several factors and can also vary slightly seasonally.

Note: These images are for illustration purposes. Actual product may varie due to product enhancement and growth.

Pot Default Plastic Pot
Height 35-50cm

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