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Pachira Aquatica (Small) - Twisted

Pachira Aquatica (Small) - Twisted Pot: Default Plastic Pot Height: 25-35cm

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Pachira Aquatica (Small) - Twisted



You can give the Pachira deep watering at least once a week or more if the weather is hot. Ensure the soil does not dry out. If the leaves are drooping then it is an indication that watering needs to be increased.


Fertilize the Pachira every two weeks with an all purpose fetilizer.


Keep your Pachira plant in bright light for most of the day. Rotating it by a quarter turn once a week will keep it nicely balanced.


The ideal temperature is between 18 and 26 degrees celcius ensuring that it is away from direct air conditioning draft.


The Pachira plant will need repotting once every 2 to 3 years or when it has grown it's pot. You can control the size by cutting off one or two of the oldest branches.

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Pot Default Plastic Pot
Height 25-35cm

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