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Aglaonema “Silver Queen” Chinese

Aglaonema “Silver Queen” Chinese Pot: Default Plastic Pot Height: 70-90cm

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Aglaonema “Silver Queen” Chinese

Space in the living room or your office? Fill it up with this Aglaonema to the green happiness.

Product Information:
This beautiful houseplant surprises with a deep pattern that knocks everyone out of their socks. Anyone who buys this plant has done something right. This Aglaobena is one of the few versions that can be kept at home. Its name is derived from the terms aglàos for wonderful and néma for thread.

Plant Care:
Like all cob threads, the lovely green crete is an easy-to-care-for beauty. The rule is: You don’t like water in your shoes and neither does the aglaonema.

Plant Placement:
Since the the plant is from the tropical rainforest comes straight to you in your little jungle, it likes bright but not direct sunlight. That leads to sunburn. Because in its homeland it is used to seeing the big giants of the rainforest hanging over itself.

Our plants are always supplied with nursery pot. Please note, therefore, that the size specifications always refer to the height of the plant including the plant pot. Deviations of a few centimeters cannot always be ruled out as you are buying a natural living product. The height depends on several factors and can also vary slightly seasonally.

Note: These images are for illustration purposes. Actual product may varie due to product enhancement and growth.

Pot Default Plastic Pot
Height 70-90cm

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